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Reserve a guest room at our chambres d’hôtes at the Maison Voilà The regular price of a guest room is € 40.00 per person per night, including breakfast. If a room is occupied with 4 persons one room comes to a total price per night of € 135.00 including breakfast. When there is 1 person per room the fee is € 60.00 per night  including breakfast. The evening meal can also be enjoyed at our home. As a table d’hôtes, we serve and offer dinner in a home-style environment. Of course, there are also some very nice restaurants located in the surrounding villages. We are always flexible to your needs; it is your holiday! Maison Voilà is intended as a place for fun, relaxation and a sociable environment in beautiful surroundings. We expect our guests to be respectful of one another’s privacy. For the same reason, we do not allow pets on our property. Smoking is also not permitted in the guest rooms. Spend a day with us or longer, it’s your call. Our experience is that people who booked for one day frequently ask to stay several extra days (space permitting).

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